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Mike Rowley Constructions has been serving seekers for more than 25 years. In these years, we have managed to establish ourselves as one of the most trusted brands in the parts of Australia we serve. No matter whether you want to have a commercial or industrial structure to be built for you or a residential complex to be developed, we have experts to handle your specific requirements as and when you are ready to take it forward with our asphalt contractors.

Our services are spread across Melbourne, Dromana, Sorrento, and Flinders as of now. However, we are aiming at offering our asphalt and construction facilities all over Australia without any geographical restriction in the coming years.

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Our Team

The journey of Mike Rowley Constructions began as a one-man army with Mike Rowley, the specialist and owner, controlling the projects. Gradually, the team developed and now we have a number of staff members to look into the different areas of operations and then consolidate the ideas, designs, architecture, and the finishing to develop a desirable structure for customers. We have expert asphalt paving contractors in our team in addition to the best repair and resurfacing professionals to serve you.

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Why Us?

You cannot have any construction requirement that Mike & team cannot handle.

Our quality of service is unmatchable.

We value your priorities and then design and develop the products.

We offer prompt and reliable service.

We guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our services are available in varied ranges from building to resurfacing to asphalt repairs.

Our services are affordable and easily accessible.

The team is small and hence there is lesser confusion and better result.

You can either call us directly or connect with us online. Our representatives will further help you to proceed with the process.

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