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For safe and danger-free golf game, you can have us on the floor and we will get the best asphalt surface constructed on the greens. The number of golf courses has been increasing at a great pace in Melbourne, Flinders, Victoria, etc. This, in turn, has enhanced the need for golf course constructions. The use of asphalt in the construction of different grounds, including the asphalt school ground construction, has been prominent. The main reason behind asphalt being preferred over other materials is its cost and easy-to-maintain feature.

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At Mike Rowley Constructions, the experts ensure offering all kinds of services that include laying, paving, construction, resurfacing, and repair. We know the risks associated with the different projects and hence we have come up with complete liability insurance.

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What We Ensure?

Mike Rowley Constructions understands the importance of safety of players in any game. With the use and installation of pure asphalt, our professionals make sure players can easily move from one hole to another with utmost comfort. Our asphalt contractors know asphalt is heat resistant and hence the extreme sunlight doesn’t affect the field floors at all. In addition to ensuring the usage of the pure form of the material, we also help construct better paths through the golf course that can be used in case of huge traffic.

We make our golf course paths capable of:

Allowing accommodation to the heaviest and widest carts that pass through

Offering effective drainage on the green pathway

Complimenting the surroundings

Complimenting the designs and patterns adorning the golf course

Being accessed and be available to all players

Besides constructing the golf course paths, we also take care of the maintenance and health of the construction through our asphalt repairs services. You can directly call us to explore more about our golf course paths construction.

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