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Our expertise in asphalt school ground construction has made us the first choice of school owners across Melbourne, Dromana, Sorrento, and Flinders. After hours of continuous study, when children go to the sports ground, they relax and de-stress. We keep in mind all these factors while constructing a relaxing school ground for students. It can be a football ground, cricket ground, assembly ground, or anything. The main motive is to help students relax and we aim at doing the same.

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Asphalt School Ground Construction


At Mike Rowley Constructions, the experts ensure offering all kinds of services that include laying, paving, construction, resurfacing, and repair. We know the risks associated with the different projects and hence we have come up with complete liability insurance.

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Asphalt School Ground Construction

What we ensure?

Our school ground construction services have made us the most sought-after names whenever an educational institute owner searches for asphalt contractors.

We keep into consideration the safety and health factors and accordingly develop the structures asked for.

When we construct a ground for schools, it is not only the principal and teachers whose needs we keep in mind but also the students who will spend quality time there.

The grounds have considerably high boundaries to safeguard kids.

When it is an educational institution, our staff members ensure there is no disturbance caused to the daily routine of the schools. We try and make the least noises to avoid disturbance.

Besides offering the construction from scratch, we are also available to serve you in case you require asphalt repairs for the school grounds.

You can have a look at our Gallery to get an idea of what kind of school grounds we develop. For details, you can directly call us or connect with our professionals via online means.

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