Asphalt Speed Humps Installation

Asphalt Speed Humps Installation

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The construction of a speed breaker to remind drivers to drive within safe speed limits is important. We, at Mike Rowley Constructions, are lucky to have chances of building speed humps in the most populated streets across Melbourne, Dromana, Sorrento, and Flinders. You will find many schools, public structures, hospitals, etc. on the highways. For those driving cars, highways tend to be the paths where the speed may go beyond the limits as the rush is low. As a result of the uncontrolled speed, accidents happen.

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Asphalt Speed Humps Installation


At Mike Rowley Constructions, the experts ensure offering all kinds of services that include laying, paving, construction, resurfacing, and repair. We know the risks associated with the different projects and hence we have come up with complete liability insurance.

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Asphalt Speed Humps Installation

What We Ensure?

Our asphalt contractors know how to bring such drivers under the speed control. But they opt for speed humps rather than speed bumps, which are a tougher version of the speed breakers. If you think that the driving speed in your area is more than an expected limit, you can contact us instantly for asphalt speed humps installation.

You may need our services:

For the construction of the speed hump from scratch

For the safety of students after they are out of the school premises

For the reinstallation of the structure

For asphalt repairs needed for the humps that have degraded because of overuse

The weather conditions in our areas of operation play an important role in deteriorating the state of the speed humps. The wear and tear is a very usual phenomenon whether it is Melbourne or Flinders.

In case, you want to have a speed hump installed in your area, you can call us immediately and we will serve you sooner than you expect.

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